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local-honey-chloe-vetterli-2.jpgChloe Vetterli

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Birthday/Zodiac sign:

The Ninth day of the Ninth month, (September 9th) at 11:11am. I am proudly a Virgo.

Tell us about growing up in Santa Cruz, How did you first start surfing?

I grew up on the beach.  My mother and father have always been surfers, beach lovers, watermen and adventurers. Luckily I was born into that lifestyle and wouldn't have it any other way. From as early as I can remember my parents would take me to the beach with my little brother, friends, and cousins and we would all boogie board, body surf and float around on surfboards, dig for sand crabs and play in the tide pools from dawn to dusk it seemed. Nothing could stop the innocent playful fun, no matter how big the crowd or how bad the sunburn. Growing up on the shoreline I always had a special respect and connection for the ocean, the beach and all the critters in it. There was no distinct time and place when and where I started surfing it was just natural to be in the water. Since then, I haven't strayed far from the coast.

What are some of your personal goals?

Above all goals; to be happy and true to myself, my heart and soul has been number one. Second best, I have always dreamed about being a part of Patagonia. I really admire everything they stand for and support. Individually promoting each unique action sport and how to take a stance and make our earth and environment just that much better. Ever since I was a little sprout I have looked up to Patagonia, so that would ultimately mean the world to me.

Other than those, I would just like to follow any opportunity to travel and be able to do volunteer work in other places and countries and hopefully find many waves along the way.

Most exciting moment of your life (so far):

I’d have to give it up to a road trip I went on. Hours prior to leaving I found myself in a whirlwind and total change of plans which lead to a spontaneous surf venture 1,500 miles south of Santa Cruz somewhere in southern Baja. Lasting about two weeks, I was able to feast on the most magnificent, only dreamt about waves.  I made some lifelong friends and unforgettable memories. Wouldn't have changed a thing, It was completely random and unplanned which I think shaped a wonderful trip because I didn't go into it with any expectations.

What inspires you?

I find myself inspired by the people I surround myself with. Smiles and laughter as well as nature and the sea all inspire. I see inspiration in shooting stars, because it’s easy to make a wish upon a shooting star but that wish is just a goal in which you are in control of making come true.

Who is someone you look up to in the industry?

Ashley Lloyd, no questions asked. The most breath taking surfer in the water had a gift to create unique and beautiful surf boards, a super talented musician and to top it off an amazing friend. She has more grace in one step then most have in their whole body. I have looked up to Ash for as long as I can remember as a friend and mentor in and out of the water. She is one of the few that keeps me inspired and moving forward.

Favorite surfboard?

My favorite board is a 9'3 Ashley Lloyd nose rider we made together. It has been to many places with me and has heaps of sentimental value.

How would you describe yourself as a child?

I was a very witty, adventurous and outgoing child. I always had a very strong imagination which kept me very busy. I flowed on my own program. I spent a lot of time at the beach and many weekends camping. I wouldn't change a thing because every time I got in to trouble, every sunburn or bruise I scavenged has shaped me to be the person I am today. I want to thank my parents for giving me the direction and freedom to grow into my own.

What is it that you absolutely can't live without?


What does love mean to you?

I truly believe that the greatest thing one can learn is to love, and be loved in return. To me, Love is so simply complex. Love, it makes you follow your deepest dreams but it can also bring out your darkest demons. It’s something that needs to be handled with care. Ultimately, love is invincible and irreplaceable. It should never be taken for granted.

Favorite Animal?

Other than my little pup, it’s a two way tie between the Elephant and the Pelican.

Favorite Food?


If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Other than Santa Cruz, San Juanico, Baja.

Next Destination?


Social Network?

My little photo blog:
Instagram: chloevetterli
Facebook: Chloe Vetterli