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Tiffany Tudyk

Hometown: Redondo Beach and San Clemente, CA

Birthday/Zodiac sign:  November 26thSagittarius


Sponsors: Local Honey Designs, Riviera Paddle Surf, OX Endurance Formula, SUP Gladiator Fins, Surf Screen Organics, Cali Paddler


How did you first get into the water?

My grandma says I used to jump in the pool and swim around with my dad as a small child, I always loved the water growing up. My dad would take our family to Lake Mojave, Lake Powell and to the Colorado River all summer long and occasionally the beach in between. My dad taught my brother and I how to water ski, wakeboard, and air chair when we were young teenagers and we fell in love with everything that we could do in the water.

How did you first get into surfing, paddling , sup yoga? 

I don't get into SURFING until I was a teenager, and did it on and off for about 15 years depending on things that were going on my life for school, work and other commitments. It's crazy how you can take a few months off from Surfing and come back to it and still feel like it's only been a few days sometimes. I only got into paddling about a year and a half ago; just got totally hooked on it since I started racing in Fall 2015.  In the spring of 2016 I was able to combine my love of yoga and paddling together by getting my SUP yoga instructor certification.

What are some of your personal goals? 

I want to be a stronger water woman all around. Get faster and stronger in my paddling, I just started racing in the fall of 2015 and love it. I see how fast all the ladies are and makes me want to train harder to get up on the podium more in the future. Also I want to learn how to Sup Surf and start competing in the sport as well. I want to do more traveling to see the world with the paddling and take in all the aspects of the water lifestyle. 

What inspires you?

Seeing all of these women and men in the paddling industry and Surfing industry taking the sport farther and farther every year, and makes me want to continue to work harder get faster and stronger to get to the next level. Not only are they amazing but people like Danny Ching, Anthony Vela, Conner Baxtor, Candace Applebee, Jamie Donnelly (and so many More)  are there to help out the up and coming racers, no matter the age and talent. 
The feeling of being on/in the water just gives me a rejuvenation that can't compare, the glide of surfing/Sup surfing is such a rush and when I can to podium it's just that much more fun. 

Who is someone you look up to in the industry?

It's hard to pick just one, I've gotta say I've learned a lot and gotten a lot of tips and tricks from Anthony Vela, Kristen Thomas, Candace Applebee, Zibi Wadzynski, over the last year of leaning to race, buoy turn pacing, and more. All these people have helped me improve my all around racing. 

Most exciting moment of your life (so far):

A few years ago I went to Costa Rica on a solo Surf Trip. Five days of epic surfing with biggest waves I had surfed, meeting cool people, eating fresh fish and fruit. I went with no intentions but just to go for the Pure Vida lifestyle and that's what I got. 

Favorite Animal?


Favorite Food?

Sushi and frozen yogurt

What is it that you absolutely can't live without?

I can't live without my sleep and getting in the water to recharge. 
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