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local-honey-jordan-smith.jpgJordan Smith

Hometown: Ontario Canada

Birthday/Zodiac sign:

Mayan Sign: Yellow cosmic sun


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Tell us about growing up in Ontario:

I grew up in the country with 10 acres of forest and nature as my playground. Zip lines, tree forts, summers on the lakes wake boarding, cliff jumping, canoeing and camping. On skis at 2 years old, and switched to snowboarding as soon as I could. I competed in half pipe, slope style and boarder cross, was a snowboard coach and one of the few girls bucking back flips in Canada at the time.
A highlight was competing in nationals for boarder cross.
I moved to Whistler, BC right out of high school to snowboard big mountains.

How did you first get into Surfing, Yoga, SUP?

-Surfing: I watched the movie blue crush when I was 19, living in Whistler and snowboarding and realized I wanted to be a surfer girl!!!! That same week I made a groundbreaking discovery that you can surf in Canada! I headed straight to Tofino and spent the weekend surfing. It was my second time in the ocean, I haven't looked back since.
-Yoga: Living in Tofino my first summer and my mom sent me a yoga DVD and I started practicing before and after my surfs.
-SUP: Bali, I paddled 1km out to a reef break and standup surfed.

What are some of your personal goals?

I absolutely love teaching surfing and want it to always be part of my life. I have been a surf coach for 8 years working with Surf Sister in Tofino, BC and Las Olas Surf Safaris, Mexico. I would one day like to lead my own surf camps.

I live and love for travel and adventure.

Most exciting moment of your life (so far):

I'm an extreme enthusiast, So the list is long!! Some that come to mind:
-My first time surfing and realizing I want to surf forever
-crossing a 5160m(16929ft) pass in the Himalayas during a 21 day trek in Nepal
-Every time I surf good waves, anywhere in the world!!!

What inspires you?


Who is someone you look up to in the industry?

Krissy Montgomery - first a surf instructor with Surf Sister and now the owner and manager. She is a constant inspiration, empowering women to surf and creating a community of women surfers and instructors. She is a dear friend and one of the funniest people I know.

Favorite surfboard?

I don't pick favorites...

How would you describe yourself as a child?


What is it that you absolutely can't live without?

Waves, Love, and Dancing!

Favorite Animal?

I am an animal

Favorite Food?


If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Still searching
One day I want a custom tree fort on a beach with sick waves where I can surf forever.

Next Destination?

Somewhere good.

Social Network:

Instagram: @jordansnappingturtle