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local-honey-jessica-cichra.jpgJessica Cichra

Hometown: Orlando, FL

Birthday/Zodiac sign:

June 18th, 1982 - Gemini


Local Honey, Boardworks Surf, Werner Paddles, Performance Ski & Surf, Paddle Faster, Maui Jim.  Ambassador for Hinano Tahiti, Indo Board, SUPreme

Tell up about about growing up in Orlando:

I had the best childhood growing up in Orlando in a rural neighborhood on beautiful Lake Mary Jane. My sister & I had imagination galore with constant adventure & exploration - surrounded by pine forest, we played in the woods building forts, or trail-riding on bikes & golf carts, or made up dance & gymnastics routines.  My fun, loving & active parents took us on the boat water skiing & bumper tubing or to the springs, with many camping trips & lake parties.

How did you first get into yoga and SUP?

In 2009, having been a yoga teacher for 2 years, I attended a yoga intensive in Miami with my best friend Janie.  We had heard about SUP & were dying to try it, so during our lunch break we took a lesson on South Beach from Girard of Sobe Surf. We instantly viewed our board as a floating yoga mat & started throwing down asanas on the ocean.  We were hooked & returned the next day for more!  I realized the holistic quality of SUP Yoga training & created my own teaching method to introduce to personal training clients & soon to group classes.

What are some of your personal goals?

Surf more...work less!, press to handstand on a SUP, take a level 1 freediving class, stay true to my path & "be here now", be the most loving family member/girlfriend/friend, build Paddle Race Tuesdays & Lake Mary Jane Paddle Race to grow our paddling community & Wave of Wellness, & give even more back.

Most exciting moment of your life (so far):

I'm having a hard time answering this, which makes me grateful that I've experienced many exciting moments - I must say it was the moment I realized I was living my dream of teaching & traveling - spreading the love of yoga & sup through instruction while simultaneously exploring the world!

What inspires you?


Who is someone you look up to in the industry?

Natali Zolinger of nautilus sup - I have yet to meet her but the vibe of her pictures & posts scream passion, talent, fun & versatility through fitness, SUP, Yoga & music.

Favorite SUP?

Boardworks Joyride Flow - it's the best yoga & fitness board out there!

How would you describe yourself as a child?

A bursting ball of energy & excitement

What is it that you absolutely can't live without?


Favorite Animal?

Turtles - all kinds, land & sea

Favorite Food?

hottie/coldie = combinations of hot & cold desserts like warm brownie with vanilla ice cream

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Punta Mita, Mexico (as long as I can import my family)

Next Destination?

Salt Lake City, Utah for Outdoor Retailer with Local Honey & Boardworks

Social Network:

instagram: @waveofwellness
twitter: @waveofwellness